Building GRUB2 for diferent platfoms

Since DRLM version 2, we moved to GRUB2 to provide the netboot images to start ReaR recovery images from network. This movement was the first step to provide support for mulitple platforms for GNU/Linux because GRUB2 supports multiple architerctures.

At this time DRLM built packages include all documented platforms in this guide.

Prepare your build host


This document describes the process of building DRLM GRUB2 netboot images for diferent platforms with a debian machine. The process should be the same on other distros, just adjusting package dependecies for target distro and install them with the package management tools provided by each distro should work without problems.

Install required packages

$ apt-get install bison libopts25 libselinux1-dev autogen \
m4 autoconf help2man libopts25-dev flex libfont-freetype-perl \
automake autotools-dev libfreetype6-dev texinfo

Download GRUB2 sources

$ cd /usr/src

$ wget

$ tar -xzvf grub-2.02~beta3.tar.gz

$ cd grub-2.02~beta3

Start build process


All documented grub2 image builds are included in drlm packages, this document will be a kind of guide for troubleshooting and testing on new GRUB2 versions and also a guide to, contributors of future drlm grub2 images, on new supported platforms to the project.

Provide DRLM branded GRUB2 build

$ vi grub-core/normal/main.c

.. replace:
msg_formatted = grub_xasprintf (_("GNU GRUB  version %s"), PACKAGE_VERSION);

.. with:
msg_formatted = grub_xasprintf (_("DRLM Boot Manager (GNU GRUB2)"), PACKAGE_VERSION);

Prepare your build environment:

$ ./

On next steps we will proceed with configuration and build for each platform needed.

For i386-pc:

$ ./configure --disable-werror
$ make && make install

$ /usr/local/bin/grub-mknetdir -d /usr/local/lib/grub/i386-pc --net-directory=/tmp
Netboot directory for i386-pc created. Configure your DHCP server to point to /tmp/boot/grub/i386-pc/core.0

For 32-bit EFI:

$ ./configure --with-platform=efi --target=i386 --disable-werror
$ make && make install

$ /usr/local/bin/grub-mknetdir -d /usr/local/lib/grub/i386-efi --net-directory=/tmp
Netboot directory for i386-efi created. Configure your DHCP server to point to /tmp/boot/grub/i386-efi/core.efi

For 64-bit (U)EFI:

$ ./configure --with-platform=efi --target=x86_64 --disable-werror
$ make && make install

$ /usr/local/bin/grub-mknetdir -d /usr/local/lib/grub/x86_64-efi --net-directory=/tmp
Netboot directory for x86_64-efi created. Configure your DHCP server to point to /tmp/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/core.efi

Create a tarball with targeted platform netboot image

$ cd /tmp

$ tar -cvzf drlm_grub2_<target>-<platform>.tar.gz boot/


This gzipped tarball can be extracted to DRLM $STORDIR on your DRLM server, for testing purposes or to provide support to new platforms not yet provided by DRLM package builds.