DRLM Client Recover

In this section we show how to recover a system which has been backed up.

In this example your client and server has the following configuration. You have to adapt it to your case.

DRLM Server Host Name: DRLMsrv
DRLM Server IP:

ReaR Client Host Name: fosdemcli4
ReaR Client IP:

Step by Step Client Recover

Reboot the Client and select boot from network. Automaticaly will boot from PXE.

  1. The DRLM server gives us through PXE/TFTP the client boot system. We just have to select first menu option to enter in the recovery system.
  1. Once we have the system ready Login as “root”. No password required.

3a. Now we can recover the system with the command “rear recover”.


3b. If we want to recover an imported DR image from another DRLM server the SSL certificates for this server won’t be present in the image and DRLM related configuration in DR image won’t be correct for the new DRLM server.

Your can overwrite them with the following variables in the command line: SERVER=”DRLM Server IP” REST_OPTS=-k ID=”ReaR Client Name”. In the following example: “rear recover SERVER= REST_OPTS=-k ID=fosdemcli4”

  1. The system is recovering.
  1. System recovered! So we only have to restart the client.