About DRLM Docs

DRLM Docs contains comprehensive documentation on the DRLM (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager). This page describes documentation’s licensing, editions, and versions, and describes how to contribute to the DRLM Docs.

For more information on DRLM, see About DRLM Project. To download DRLM, see the downloads page.

Product Features

The following features are supported on the most recent releases of DRLM. Anything labeled as (NEW!) was added as the most recent release. New functionality for previous releases can be seen in the next chapter that details each release.

  • Hot maintenance capability. A client backup can be made online while the system is running.

  • Command line interface. DRLM does not require a graphical interface to run. (console is enough).

  • Multiarch netboot client support (x86_64-efi, i386-efi, i386-pc, powerpc-ieee1275)

  • Automatic client installation from DRLM server

  • Parallel backups

  • Error reporting support to:

    • HP OpenView

    • Nagios (NSCA, NSCA-ng & NRDP)

    • Zabbix

    • Mail

    • XML/JSON

    • Telegram

  • Centralized backup scheduling with a job scheduler and backup policy

  • Export and Import backup between DRLM servers or DRLM clients

  • Real time clients log in DRLM server


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