DRLM Quick Start Guide

DRLM Installation

Follow the steps at DRLM Installation. (Select your OS)

Add Network to DRLM Server

First of all we must add the network where the ReaR clients are. To do this we have to use the command “drlm addnetwork” with the parameters -i “Network IP” network”, -g “Gateway IP”, -s “Server IP of the network”, -n “Network Name” and -m “Netmask”.

$ drlm -vD addnetwork -i -g -s -n BuLan -m

Add Client to DRLM Server

Now we can add a ReaR client with the command “drlm addclient” and the parameters -n “Network Name”, -i “ReaR client IP”, -M “ReaR client MAC address” and -c “ReaR client hostname”.

$ drlm -vD addclient -n BuLan -i -M 00:13:20:fe:48:16 -c ReaRCli1

ReaR Client Installation

Follow the steps at ReaR Client Installation. (Select your OS)

Run Client Backup

We are ready to take OS backups!!! At this point we have the DRLM server and ReaR client configured, you just have to run the command “drlm runbackup” with the parameter -c “ReaR client host name”

$ drlm -vD runbackup -c ReaRCli1

Restore Client Backup

Follow the steps at DRLM Client Recover.