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Product Features

The following features are supported on the most recent releases of DRLM. Anything labeled as (NEW!) was added as the most recent release. New functionality for previous releases can be seen in the next chapter that details each release.

  • Hot maintenance capability. A client backup can be made online while the system is running.

  • Command line interface. DRLM doesnot require a graphical interface to run. (console is enough).

  • Multiarch netboot client support (x86_64-efi, i386-efi, i386-pc)

  • Automatic client intallation from DRLM server

  • Parallel backups

  • Error reporting support to:

    • HP OpenView
    • Nagios (NSCA & NSCA-ng) (NEW!)
    • Zabbix
    • Mail
  • Centralized backup scheduling with a job scheduler (NEW!)

  • Export and Import backup between DRLM servers or DRLM clients (NEW!)

DRLM Version 2.1.2 (March 2017) - Release Notes

  • SUDO_CMDS_DRLM added in default.conf allowing to easy add new sudo commands.
  • Automatic creation of /etc/sudoers.d if not exists on systems RedHat/CenOS 5.
  • Fixed some errors for dependencies on default.conf.
  • DRLM_USER variable deleted on addclient and help.
  • Added sudo for command stat to allow check size on File Systems without perms.
  • Sudo configuration files are dynamically created according to the OS type.
  • Solved problem for start services with non root user.

DRLM Version 2.1.1 (February 2017) - Release Notes

  • Solved some of bugs. (issue #49, #50)
  • No Client ID required for delete backups. (issue #40)
  • No Client ID required for manage backups. (issue #46)
  • bkpmgr: Persistent mode deleted.
  • Solved PXE files: forced console=ttyS0 in kernel options. (issue #52)
  • Solved hardcoded PXE filenames (initrd.xz (lzma) now supported). (issue #52)
  • While recommended, It ain’t mandatory to use hostname as client_name. (issue #52)
  • Solved drlm user hardcoded in installclient. (issue #51)
  • NAGSRV and NAGPORT added in default.conf.

DRLM Version 2.1.0 (February 2017) - Release Notes

  • DRLM reporting with nsca-ng, nsca. (issue #47)
  • DRLM Server for SLES. (issue #45)
  • Support for drlm unattended installation (instclient) on Ubuntu (issue #43)
  • NEW Import & Export DR images between DRLM servers. (issue #39)
  • Pass DRLM global options to ReaR. (issue #37)
  • New DRLM backup job scheduler (issue #35)
  • Addclient install mode (automatize install client after the client creation) (issue #32)
  • Solved lots of bugs

DRLM Version 2.0.0 (July 2016) - Release Notes

  • Multiarch netboot with GRUB2 - x86_64-efi i386-efi i386-pc - (issue #2)
  • New installclient workflow (issue #5)
  • Added support for systemd distros - RHEL7 CentOS7 Debian8 - (issue #14)
  • Use bash socket implementation instead of netcat (issue #15)
  • runbackup workflow enhacement with sparse raw images with qemu-img reducing backup time and improving management (issue #16)
  • Added support for parallel backups on DRLM (issue #22)
  • Added support for new DB backend sqlite3 (issue #23)
  • Added support for Nagios error reporting (issue #28)
  • Added support for Zabbix error reporting (issue #29)
  • Added support for Mail error reporting (issue #30)
  • Added timeout var for Sqlite in sqlite3-driver.sh for avoiding database locks.
  • Added source of local.conf and site.conf files in drlm-stord
  • Solved lots of bugs
  • DRLM documentation updated to reflect version 2.0 changes


This documentation is under constant development. Please be patient…