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DRLM Docs contains comprehensive documentation on the DRLM (Disaster Recovery Linux Manager). This page describes documentation’s licensing, editions, and versions, and describes how to contribute to the DRLM Docs.

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Product Features

The following features are supported on the most recent releases of DRLM. Anything labeled as (NEW!) was added as the most recent release.

  • Hot maintenance capability. A client backup can be made online while the system is running.

  • Command line interface. DRLM does not require a graphical interface to run. (console is enough).

  • Multiarch netboot client support (x86_64-efi, i386-efi, i386-pc)

  • Centralized backup scheduling

  • Installclient workflow (NEW!)

  • Parallel backups (NEW!)

  • Sqlite3 database backend (NEW!)

  • Error reporting support to:

    • HP OpenView
    • Nagios (NEW!)
    • Zabbix (NEW!)
    • Mail (NEW!)

DRLM Version 2.0.0 (July 2016) - Release Notes

  • Multiarch netboot with GRUB2 - x86_64-efi i386-efi i386-pc - (issue #2)
  • New installclient workflow (issue #5)
  • Added support for systemd distros - RHEL7 CentOS7 Debian8 - (issue #14)
  • Use bash socket implementation instead of netcat (issue #15)
  • runbackup workflow enhacement with sparse raw images with qemu-img reducing backup time and improving management (issue #16)
  • Added support for parallel backups on DRLM (issue #22)
  • Added support for new DB backend sqlite3 (issue #23)
  • Added support for Nagios error reporting (issue #28)
  • Added support for Zabbix error reporting (issue #29)
  • Added support for Mail error reporting (issue #30)
  • Added timeout var for Sqlite in sqlite3-driver.sh for avoiding database locks.
  • Added source of local.conf and site.conf files in drlm-stord
  • Solved lots of bugs
  • DRLM documentation updated to reflect version 2.0 changes


This documentation is under constant development. Please be patient...